Neville Longbottom (herbology_dork) wrote in storge_space,
Neville Longbottom

Mission: resurrection!

GINNY AND COLIN! i don't know if you are still able to receive any communication from the living world, but if you can, know that i am working to save you! i have cast anti-decomposition charms and have healed any of your wounds i could manage.

i did the same for Tom, since I know that you would not want to return without him, Ginny. and other people are doing the same for all the other... bodies.

as of now, i have not been able to conclude without a doubt the reasoning for your extended stay in limbo/ the reason the universe refuses to allow you back to life. Colin, i suspect it may have something to do with Vincent- we always figured there was some reason he chose NOW to return, and i think this is it. however, for Ginny and Tom, i just don't know the reason. the only thing i could come up with is that it could be due to the complications of your inter-dimensional relationship, i suppose, but i can't really fathom why that would affect both of you, and not just tom, who did the universe-hopping. so that doesn't really make sense after all. i'm sorry. i will keep thinking on it.

but don't worry, i will get this figured out! we've got a lot of people working on it, we'll have the answers soon.
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