Ginevra Molly Weasley (waitingfortom) wrote in storge_space,
Ginevra Molly Weasley

We're still here

Hello, living people! The bouncer's taken to glaring at me every time I walk by, so I've taken to not making eye contact. He's very tiresome! But it's really very tiresome that he won't let me through. We haven't been able to find a better stock of tea, so I'm wondering-- Harry, did you attach anything else to this station that we should know about? A hidden tea room, maybe? It's just that looking at a train station for however long it's been makes you anxious to see something different, except I'm not supposed to leave to make it easier to restore me, and what-not. Not that the company isn't just lovely.

Oh, and I discovered something very weird about the train that comes through. You get clothes on the train, of course, but once you're off it, bam-- naked time. Some weird platform nudity sphere, I guess. Sometimes passengers start to get off, realise it isn't actually their stop-- and then realise they lost their clothes for their trouble.

... And what the hell were you doing, Harry, letting Fred design a doorway?! Did you forget how weird he could be?! It sounds from your journals like something happened to Colin because of that door! Please close him in the basement if he's getting dangerous, don't want him attacking the villagers! OR THE SHEEP!

Oh, Tom, that's right! There's an awful lot of sheep around Little Hangleton, did you know? I don't have any investments in the local sheep, but that might be a way to get some more income.
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