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I say!  I just want to clear a few things up.

1. Why am I still in this train station?  Can I go?  I didn't even realise!  Do you think I can take this tea?

2. Did I misread, or did young Mr. Potter (not to be confused with the old Mr. Potter who is, of course, pushing up the daisies) and You-Know-Who call off their rivalry?  Isn't this a bit of a problem?  I would have mentioned it sooner but it struck me that my dear brother (you may have heard of him, but who knows anymore!) might have wanted to deal with it.  But I guess I have to be the bigger man here (as I always have been--emotionally, intellectually, mentally, physically, euphemistically) and point this out.  Oughtn't we to do something about that?

3. Does anyone know of any good nude beaches near Hogsmeade?  All this nakedness has given my bits something of a taste for alfresco!
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