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Welcome to my house, please stay forever!

Oh, what a busy week it has been, but finally everything is prepared for the 666th annual Evil Overlords Conference. I am, of course, the keynote speaker, but I do plan to attend and supervise the evil meeting of minds that shall occur proceeding my seminal speech.

There is but one last detail left.

Evil Plot #411

Steps: Eight
Materials: Lots of wire, 1 river bank (insulated), 66 really really big locks, bells, the Dikan, HSWW Peeseas, HSWW Fellytones, HSWW servings manual labour, bits of string.
Minions: Required elsewhere.
Evil Ranking: Seriously diabolical

Tie the HSWW to the Peeseas with string and transport to the bank. Add locks to ensure security. Chop Fellytones and stir in at minute six and two-thirds, being careful to add the required attention. Mix in manual labour. Let set, wrap with wire, and dip in the Dikan. Serve with bells on.

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