Igor Karkaroff (karkers) wrote in storge_space,
Igor Karkaroff

Well now. What is all thinking of that keynote speech by Dark Lord? "One Nation Under Me: Leading the Wizarding World to Evil Victory."

Oh, wait a few times, almost most of you were taking phone calls and could not attend. Ha ha ha!

My panel for Dead Death Eaters went as well as could. We console each other about state of living, railed against said living, and partied through convention hall afterward, upsetting vendor tables and probably prompting many such phone calls about where to report incidents. At least, am hoping we're to cause some fuss with it.

Am thinking my favourite panels were a glorious series:
  • Torturing Muggles: Hobby or Lifestyle?
  • New Comfy Chair Techniques: A Study of Cushions, Couches, and Ottomans
  • Really Painful Things You Can Do To Muggles With Pillows
  • Yes, The Stuffing Up To One End: Why Comfy Chairs are So Yesterday
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