August 15th, 2007

Giving the eyebrow
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Is with great reluctance but all due respect that I'm requesting of Lord Grindelwald that perhaps is time to consider previous offer to be teaching zotz to Potter. To be losing Severus, a great zotz practitioner himself, is a terrible blow for magic. We've seen such evidence of Potter having more power than should expect for his age. It could be that in Potter's wand is possibility of restoring Severus. Or some other dead types. Removing of obstacles is something of usefulness, and could be a path towards eventual restoration.

If you're of busy times, then with even more reluctance, I tentatively offer to give as much instruction as can be doing, considering my own state of non-living.

I would suggest to others that laying in anti-decomposition charms would be wise. Is little good to restore spirits to bodies that are being worm food. Or that are become inferi.

Mission: resurrection!

GINNY AND COLIN! i don't know if you are still able to receive any communication from the living world, but if you can, know that i am working to save you! i have cast anti-decomposition charms and have healed any of your wounds i could manage.

i did the same for Tom, since I know that you would not want to return without him, Ginny. and other people are doing the same for all the other... bodies.

as of now, i have not been able to conclude without a doubt the reasoning for your extended stay in limbo/ the reason the universe refuses to allow you back to life. Colin, i suspect it may have something to do with Vincent- we always figured there was some reason he chose NOW to return, and i think this is it. however, for Ginny and Tom, i just don't know the reason. the only thing i could come up with is that it could be due to the complications of your inter-dimensional relationship, i suppose, but i can't really fathom why that would affect both of you, and not just tom, who did the universe-hopping. so that doesn't really make sense after all. i'm sorry. i will keep thinking on it.

but don't worry, i will get this figured out! we've got a lot of people working on it, we'll have the answers soon.

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Well, that's rude of them. They could just say they ran out of ham and cheese sandwiches instead of screaming it at me. Just because everyone else asked about them doesn't mean they have to take it out on me, really!

Apparently whatever's bogged up the rails is so bad that they're going to have to reverse us all the way back into Harry's little King's Cross, and we'll have to wait for repairs to finish before they can send us back along.

Got you some tea, though. I wasn't sure if you took any cream or sugar so I got... er, too many packets, I suppose. I'm sorry that it's not better, Tom, but they say there's not much in the way of quality teas between afterlives. It should be recognisable as tea. I think.

Oh, you've got a laptop working! Fantastic! Is there a network for partially dead people?! I wish I could say hello to a few-- I mean, not that I don't like your company just fine, of course! But all the train workers and passengers are being so rude! Hope Colin made it out all right.