August 26th, 2007


.28: "The joyfulness of a man prolongs his day"

My latest and briefest experience with "death," if we can call it that, has brought out in me a certain need to give back to this community I "died" in. It has such a rustic quaintness to it, perhaps because of all the Muggle sheep farmers, but I think it is ripe for outreach.

Hermione, I was hoping we might conduct that session soon so we could perhaps know each other better than we did in school. That way, we could better see our compatibilities and differences when it comes to our working personalities. I don't have your background in psychotherapy! But I have some experience in leading people through certain yoga practices through mentoring and sharing with Dean. In fact, I think you want want to consider Dean as well, if he's interested. He is a wonderful light, and he would bring joy to your patients as they enter the new times of their lives.

My dear twin, I hope you will consider the fashion therapy! Bad fashion drags people into such a low state, and they need help recovering from those poor choices! Whether it's through Hermione's practice or Daddy's business, please do pursue it! The world needs you.

And my sweet Lav, I think this may be an opportunity to help so many people became humane and kind. As they love themselves, so should they love the furry cute creatures! Maybe we could even invest in some of the village property to open a vegan restaurant/animal encounter! It'd be so adorable!

Addition: Oh dear. It seems the fiendfyre from poor Vincemeister's second death has left a terrible scorched patch in the lawn. Does anyone know if that ground can be used for good? Neville? It seems fitting to plant a memorial garden if the soil can take it. Thank goodness the wizard fire brigade got to it before it consumed the house or anyone else.