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Is with great reluctance but all due respect that I'm requesting of Lord Grindelwald that perhaps is time to consider previous offer to be teaching zotz to Potter. To be losing Severus, a great zotz practitioner himself, is a terrible blow for magic. We've seen such evidence of Potter having more power than should expect for his age. It could be that in Potter's wand is possibility of restoring Severus. Or some other dead types. Removing of obstacles is something of usefulness, and could be a path towards eventual restoration.

If you're of busy times, then with even more reluctance, I tentatively offer to give as much instruction as can be doing, considering my own state of non-living.

I would suggest to others that laying in anti-decomposition charms would be wise. Is little good to restore spirits to bodies that are being worm food. Or that are become inferi.

To the Resurrected, Regarding the Stones.

Albus, or Professor Dumbledore to the majority of you, and I have done a great deal of research on the nature of the Stones, or rocks, as they were so haphazardly labelled at the time, that crushed those of you who have returned from Mr. Potter's vision of limbo.

It would seem prudent to mention, as I have done to Mr. Potter, that these Stones were in the image of something called the Resurrection Stone, although how they are different appears quite evident to those of us who are more studied in the subject.

I alert you only to inform you that it is merely terribly convenient that any of you are, in fact, alive. A number of circumstances should have led to your continued place in the previously-mentioned limbo, but thanks to Mr. Potter's ability to get out, and his purposeful or accidental movements of the Resurrection Stones, most of you were able to be freed as well.

There is only the question of those of you who were unable to return, and who are now currently trapped. Statistically, as nearly all of the fallen Stones seem to be imitation Resurrection Stones (this house appears to be elaborately shingled with them; mysterious, as I was under the impression that it is a Muggle establishment), all of the dead should have been allowed back on this plane. Therefore, we can infer that there is something outside the mere presence and nature of these Stones that is interfering with your return to the living plane, and, if only we could identify what it was, there is the slighest possibility that you will still be able to return.

Those of you on this plane have a mission at hand, and I bid you seek to Resurrect those fallen to whom you are close; it may be only you who can discover the way.

I am only regretful to say that, after elaborate testing, I, personally, have concluded that they are not, as is the legendary Resurrection Stone, everlasting, but seem to have worked only this once.

That is all.

If anyone has seen Albus, please let me know.

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Ginevra, now that most others have found their way back to the world of the living, and are doubtlessly ransacking my father's house even as we speak, this place suddenly finds itself a lot quieter and more suitable for intimate conversation. And I confess I may be in need of some support at this time. I'm known for, shall we say, taking a great dislike to death. Remaining behind in this limbo when no barrier stands in my way is...difficult for me. But with you here, I could do nothing else. Life would be but a pale imitation of its former glory without you to share it with.
It's done.

I'm not used to speeches

Right, I know that Truth or Hex, and pirate ships, and awesome dragons, and nudity are very distracting and interesting, but please hear me out.

I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of all the times I've felt like I'm not as brave as Neville, or as creative as Colin, or as true-to-self as Luna, or as smart as Hermione, or as powerful as Harry, or as pretty as any number of girls I went to school with. And I know it's not that I'm a cowardly, conformist, stupid, weak, ugly little girl, but that people keep trying to make me feel like I am. Especially because of Tom.

And you know what? I don't feel that way when I'm with Tom. I feel smart, and pretty, and clever, and talented, and special, because he gives that to me. I couldn't understand when I was little that he brought out those sides of me, but he did, and now that I have him back, I can have that again. The only time I've felt the bad way with him is when I stopped trusting him and rejected him. Fear is a powerful thing, after all, and I got carried away by it. I was too young to understand what I can understand now. It wouldn't have turned out as awful as it did if I'd just understood. If I'd just trusted and loved, I don't think I would've been dying there in the Chamber of Secrets. Rejecting him was a mistake. But I've grown a lot and I'm ready to finally be with him. You'd have to have had your head in the ground not to know that I've hoped for years that I could somehow be reunited with him, and now that I have been-- however or whyever it happened-- you should be happy for me that I can be happy.

But what gets in the way of that is having my friends judge me because of how they judge him, and belittle me for choosing him, and try to turn me into the cowardly, conformist, stupid, weak, ugly little girl. That's not who I am, and if you're my friend, you wouldn't try to make me be that. It's already cost me my friendship with Harry and I don't want to lose another, but it's not right to stay friends with someone who makes you feel less than yourself.

You don't have to approve of him-- I understand that it's difficult for most of you because of what you confuse him with-- but you need to at least tolerate that I'm with him. Maybe someday you'll understand that he's not the very same as Voldemort. I'm not stupid-- I know he has a Dark side to him, a very Dark side. I'm the one who experienced it, remember? But I've got a Dark side as well, and you forgave me for it before, most of you. Neville even helped save me from it. Tom hasn't had that. He's made choices that aren't very Good, I know that, but that doesn't mean he's doomed to become Voldemort. So maybe try a little understanding that I believe very strongly in the power of love to save us from the Dark impulses we may have. Tom is destined for great things, and I want to be at his side.

I don't know if any of us'll ever get off this train platform and not be permanently dead like Harry claimed, but if we do, you know where I'll be and who I'll be with. If you're my friend, please accept that.

If you need an idea for my upcoming birthday, please try being PLEASANT to Tom. And if you don't mind violence, I wouldn't mind it if someone punched Harry's nose or other body parts. He could use a good punch.
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Truth or Hex, round three and status

When enough people are done with round two, we'll start up round three. Remember that you should choose a different person to question or dare you than you chose last round! The hex kicks in if you stick to the same "safe" person because that's cowardly. I'm going to keep a status list to help remind you of who you previously chose.

Those currently sworn-in are:

Dean, Ginny, Neville, Aberforth Dumbledore, Harry, Seamus, Padma, Albus Dumbledore, Terry, and Grindelwald; newly sworn-in are Lavender and Ron

Choice and Boil Status:

Round one:
  • Dean — Neville
  • Ginny — Dean (also Harry - BOILED)
  • Neville — Ginny
  • Aberforth — Ginny
  • Harry — Neville (also Seamus)
  • Seamus — Harry
  • Padma — Terry - BOILED
  • Albus — whoever asks first (Grindelwald)
  • Terry — Padma
  • Grindelwald — Albus
Round two:
  • Dean — Aberforth
  • Ginny — Seamus
  • Neville — Padma
  • Aberforth — Seamus - BOILED
  • Harry — Padma
  • Seamus — Ginny
  • Padma — Albus
  • Albus — whoever asks first (Ginny)
  • Terry — Harry
  • Grindelwald — Neville
Round three:
  • Dean — Ginny
  • Ginny — Albus (incomplete)
  • Neville — Seamus
  • Aberforth — Ron (incomplete) - BOILED
  • Harry — Lavender
  • Seamus — Dean
  • Padma — Aberforth
  • Albus — whoever asks first (Aberforth; incomplete)
  • Terry — Seamus
  • Grindelwald — whoever asks first (incomplete)
  • Lavender — Terry (almost complete)
  • Ron — Grindelwald

truth or hex, round two

I hope everyone who was afflicted has completely recovered from their boils.

since we now have so many people playing, we are going to go with a new format to keep things simple. things are too disorganized as is.
if you are going to swear in, please let me know.

otherwise, so people don't get lost in the muddle, new rounds should be kept seperate from the last. for practical purposes, we will call this next round "round two," even though some players have already completed multiple dares.

once you have answered your question or completed your dare, you move on to a new round. you then approach someone new to ask them to dare/question you.
the round will end once each player has had an opportunity to complete his or her latest dare/question set. the first person to end the current round starts the next round.

please try to avoid duplication in questions/dares for individuals.

current players:
Dean, Ginny, Neville, Aberforth Dumbledore, Harry, Seamus, Padma, Albus Dumbledore, Terry (?), and um- Grindelwald.

and er, not "Tom."
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