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Storge Space

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This is a post-OotP parody RPG that started in Harry Potter's sixth year (1996) and is now post-school (1999). It is a closed community with no Original Character journals. The game will contain adult language and subject matter, and is thus not suitable for unsupervised children, parents, grandparents, or your boss. Do not mix this game with food or drink. Do not operate heavy machinery after a dose of storge_space

We are recruiting to replace players who had to retire because of that "real life" game. Character application instructions can be found here.

Don't miss a post! Watch the friends view! You can also watch all of the journals on your own friends page or watcher journal using the console. But if you missed the early days or watch a refresher, try storge_storage for good old-fashioned fun.

See what our watchers are saying at spacecadets!

Do you have questions, comments, or glowing praise for storge_space? Email us at: storge (at) gmail.com and include a firstborn dolphin.

From the ashes of devastation rose the Pillars of Storge.

Names in delicious teal are available for fresh casting.

abbotts_habitsHannah Abbott
acridturpintineLisa Turpin
albuspresley — Albus Dumbledore
alpha_aconite — Remus Lupin
alwayspms — Cho Chang
boogiedownvinceVincent Crabbe
cedeadric — Cedric Diggory
cleverlyanthonyAnthony Goldstein
cornered_beef — Michael Corner
deanosovirtuoso — Dean Thomas
deranged_goferFred & George Weasley
dracoisyourking — Draco Malfoy
drunkirishdude — Seamus Finnegan
flishandswickFilius Flitwick
flourtcower — Fleur Delacour
girlpowerkthxSusan Bones
grrgoyle — Gregory Goyle
hardlyinitSibyll Trelawney
harvestnarcissi — Narcissa Malfoy
herbology_dork — Neville Longbottom
hufflepuff4life — Justin Finch-Fletchley
iknowyourdaddy — Horace Slughorn
iloatheyouallMillicent Bulstrode
insectintegrity — Rita Skeeter
karkers — Igor Karkaroff
knot_a_nottTheodore Nott
livestoserve — Kreacher
lookscomefirst — Parvati Patil

masterriddle — Tom Marvolo Riddle
mcquidditchCormac McLaggen
mouldytailcoat — Argus Filch
mynoseisfineEloise Midgen
no_opinion — Padma Patil
nothisbitch — Pansy Parkinson
ohohohwoe — Myrtle
paparazzi_colin — Colin Creevey
pious_zachariasZacharias Smith
plugsplugsplugs — Arthur & Molly Weasley
potter_mouth — HARRY POTTER
prefectlyernie — Ernie Macmillan
purebloodyay — Lucius Malfoy
putasockinit — Dobby
reallyquiteevil — You-Know-Who
savethefurries — Lavender Brown
seeneverything — Aberforth Dumbledore
shouldteachdada — Severus Snape
slytherinthingy — Blaise Zabini
spidersmustdie — Ron Weasley
stolen_marbles — Luna Lovegood
tart_in_tartanMinerva McGonagall
terryclothrags — Terry Boot
thewandmaster — Gellert Grindelwald
ur_so_vaneRomilda Vane
vacuousbeefcake — Gilderoy Lockhart
veryverysmart — Hermione Granger
waitingfortom — Ginny Weasley

Enjoy delightful, quality fanfiction at Snoodle— Everyone Loves Snoodle!

In a more wanky mood? Check out wizard_wank but don't forget to get dressed afterwards in thedressingroom

When students band together to make comics: hogwartslives

In case the community isn't obvious enough about this: we're not making any money from this and we don't own the HP characters. They are the property of JK Rowling. We're just borrowing them for fair-use satirical purposes.

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albus' bathtub, april fools, arthur's wrap, being amazed that people are watching, blaise's everchanging bits, bobo the basilisk, buddy death eater, cedric's coffin, cho's emoness, colin's dresses, dean's zen, draco's debauchery, flitwick's step, fred's emuness, george's ericness, ginny's screaming, gregory's zeal, harry's locked caps, hating icicle weasley, having the effing veil at hogwarts, justin's eyebrows, lavender's furries, letters on dead animal skins, lisa's monkeys, lockhart's healers, mcgonagall's younger men, michael's redheads, monumental garden ornaments, mr. fluffikins, myrtle's grudge against livers, neville's cuteness, padma's wildeness, pansy's dead house elf, parvati's fashion sense, retardie the renamed laptop, ron/ladies, seamus' booze, snape's loverbutt, snarfage, squid!lav, storge_space, terry's snark, the eiffel bunny, the macarena plague, theo's bendyness, trelawney's crystal balls, tub-o-ramen, vince's dancing, voldemort's reallyquiteevilness